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Since the beginning of the human birth there has always been Graffiti. 
Off course not as we know it today as a part of Hip-Hop.
But it all has it's beginning somewhere like the other elements of Hip-Hop.

Graffiti throughout time has always been important for history. In the stone age the primitives wrote their history on the walls. That's one of the reasons that we now know so much about their living. The Indians have been doing the same thing. But as the paper was invented the writing on the walls got down on the paper and the walls stayed clean for centuries excepts some slogans painted to free somebody or to protest. Gangs has used their tags and colours to mark their turf. And Graffiti is definitely here to stay forever as important the messages are.

Some of the earliest places were at Dewitt Clinton High in the Bronx. The school was near to a Transit authority yard were out of service subway cars were stored.

The youth has always been scribbling in the subway trains, and when the spray cans arrived they soon used that. Witch is in fact an Norwegian invention that got developed later in the states to the shape we know today.

A known character from the 50's and the 60's were Kilroy. Kilroy was a man who were in the army. And everywhere he traveled around the world he wrote, "Kilroy Was Here". This was soon adopted and used in a lot of jokes, stickers and other.

Now, back to our storyline..
Later in the early 70's there was this guy working as a city messenger named Taki. He would on his routes mark his way with the name Taki 183 after the street he lived on.

       Soon this made attention and people took notice. And it did not take long before others were doing the same.

Then is developmented from there on with more bigger letters and some with filled colours.

At this point all the writing were on the streets, busses and walls, until.... Someone found out that if he painted on the train it would go city wide. And could he know that it would go world wide. One of the first simple letter on a train was made by Spin.

From now on there was no limits at all, it developmented fast and quickly became a phenomenon. The letters got more complicated and a lot of characters were entered.

The pieces got bigger and soon from top to bottom. Then to be a whole care, for so be like three cars and.....

Today, the graffiti art is still a crime to many but accepted in most communities.
It's world wide and mostly in the big cities, on walls, cars, busses etc.