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ZuLu Nation
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ZuLu Nation
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Zulu Nation Stands For

The Oneness of God


The Universal Zulu Nation was founded in 1973 in the Bronx, New York by a young student named Afrika Bambaataa. It was his idea to use music to spread the message of the Universal Zulu Nation. He knew that music is unversal and crosses all barriers. So with the birth of Hip-Hop, which started in New York City, Afrika Bambaataa, members of the Zulu Nation and many of his groups like; the Soulsonic Force, Shango, Rock Steady Crew, D.S.T., Fab Five Freddy, Phase 2, Dondi, and Futura 2000, started to travel throughout the world to spread Hip-Hop culture.


Today the organization has chapters throughout the world. Its members, who come from many different races, cultures, nationalities, countries and religions believe in freedom, justice, equality, knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Zulu Nation members discourage divisions and want to see peace and unity on the planet earth with all races and cultures. Without these, we all face social, economic, physical and spiritual destruction. The Zulu Nation focuses on helping young people living on the streets of NewYork City. The organization uses music, particularly hip hop, to spread messages of freedom, peace, justice, hope and opportunity to all. This is the Universal Zulu Nation.

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