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Did you know ?

Did you know ?
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Did You Know?
  • Kraftwerk is one of the most important influence in modern electronic music among Gary Neuman, Soft Cell, Depeche Mode, etc.
  • Kraftwerk is one of the most sampled groups, among James Brown and Art Of Noise. 
  • Afrika Bambaata  never sampled Kraftwerk, but  played the Kraftwerk albums live when they 
    recorded the song, "Planet Rock". 
  • When Grandmaster Flash made "Adventures of.." he just did it live with three turntables, 
    maybe 10 or 12 records. Some of the cutting in between was risky and he had maybe three seconds to pull this record off and put that one on. And about the fourth take was the one that we know. 
    It took about 2 hours to record it. You can actually watch Flash do that mix live in his kitchen in the movie "Wild Style". 
  • Grandmaster Flash is a Wu Tang Clan fan. 
  • That The Dust Brothers Produced Beastie Boys' album, Paul's Boutique.
  • The biggest gangs in the 70's were The Savage Skulls, Glory Stompers, Blue Diamaonds, Black Cats and Black Spades (Which Afrika Bambaataa was one of the leaders). 
  • That BDP's album cover (By all means necessary) is a true copy of an exact picture of Malcolm X.
  • Orco of  Air Force Crew (LA) did eight 1990s in a row, summer '96. (1990s? See: B-Boy/B-Girl).
  • The Incredible Bongo Rock Band were white guys.. There was one person there who was Black.
    He was King Erickson who was a percussionist..."Apache"  is one of the records Kool DJ Herc brought over from Jamaica. A calypso Hip-Hop feel with incredible percussion breaks. Also check out the guitar line that the Sugarhill Gang pilfered in their version of the same song. 
  • "Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose (In The Jungle Groove Remix)" by James Brown,  was considered the national anthem of Hip-Hop. Every B-Boy, MC, rapper, DJ, Rap group, break-dancer and aerosol artist knew this song. And when it was played at a party or club everyone knew it was time for the best B-Boys to do battle. Definitely the highlight of the night. 
  • Did you know that Kurtis Blow changed his name to Kool DJ Kurt for a while in 1976? Just because he was a big fan of DJ Kool Herc. 
  • Whodini were supposed to have a real prison shot on their front cover of Escape, but weren't allowed. 
  • Bambaataa is known to have more than 25 crates of records! 
  • "The Human Beatbox" Darren "Buff" Robinson died of cardiac arrest in '95. 
  • Afrika  Bambaataa had a Top 40 hit in the UK for one week, with "Renegades Of Funk" in '84. 
  • KRS One means, Knowledge Rules Supreme Over Nearly Everyone. 
  • That the woman (Darlene) on Ice T's Power LP is his wife.
  • Bambaataa was the first hip hopper to do a song with James Brown, " Unity' (1984). 
  • Cool DJ Herc named his famous club, ‘Burning Spear’ after the Reggae legend with the same name. 
  • The name rastafari comes from the Etiopean Epirer named Ras Tafari Makonen who were the 
    front figur of the rasta cult. 
  • Run DMC were the first Rap act to appear on MTV.
  • Queensbridge is the name of a six building (six stories each) housing project in Long Island City (NY), a section of Queens. 40 side and 41st side refer to the 40th street side of the buildings 41st street side of the buildings. 
  • The Message with Grandmaster Flash entered on Billboard Oct 16, 1982 at no.53. And was in the U.S charts for 24 weeks. 
  • The Crash Crew,  their DJ's mixed the song "Freedom - Get Up and Dance" in a loop as the MC's rhymed freestyle. This can be considered the first sampling of a song on a Hip-Hop record. 
  • "Rappers Delight" by The SugarHill Gang was the first breakthrough rap record (it went platinum). While "King Tim III" were the first radioplayed Rap. By the Gap Band. 
  • Run-D.M.C., in 1983 probably marked the break between what is now considered to be 'old school' and the 'new school', with their "Sucker MC’s". That in fact was originally a bonus B side for their single "Hard times". It was supposed to only be a break beat track.  But Orange Crush convinced them to make a Rap over it. Today "Sucker MC’s" is a classic. 
  • Tuff City records is the longest independent Hip-Hip label in history. 20 years in 2001.
  • When the gangs started showing up to parties in the late 70’s, they nearly killed Hip Hop. And they might have done it, if it wasn't for the influence that Bambaataa had over them. Most of  the B-Boys  were ordinary kids, not gangsters.
  • Kool Herc’s power on the basketball court earned him the nickname Hercules. When he became a graffiti writer, He shortened Hercules to Herc and added Kool. 
  • Grandmaster Flash used to advertise through cabs/taxis. He gave the cab driver that drove him a tape from his last performance, and the driver would play that tape in his car. So Flash had free rides and the cabs got customers in their 'Flash Cab'. Those drivers were called OJ's.
  • NWA did the song "Express yourself" sampled from the classic funk tune by Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band. Charles Wright is Eazy-E's father.
  • In the Collins English Dictionary, Hip-Hop is defined: "a US pop culture movement of the 1980s comprising rap music, graffiti, and break dancing." Hmmm, close but wrong.